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The ASA web site contains records of the majority of licensed meets held over the last year. This includes Open Meets, County, Regional and National Championships and Fareham Nomads Club Championships. It is very easy to find your ranking based on these results at National, Regional and County level as well as finding your position within Nomads. The records do not include local galas or club time trials nor do they have results for 25 metre swims.

To find your ranking simply open the first link below to connect to the appropriate ASA web page. If you just want rankings for this year then follow the procedure outlined on the Find your ranking for this year tab.

The ASA web site can also be used to find your personal best times for Licensed competitions using the second link below. You will need your registration number to do this. It is easy to find your number through this link by selecting Membership number check and entering your family name in the box provided.

ASA rankings web page Personal best times at licensed events Individual rankings
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