Club coaches contact details

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Position Name EMAIL Telephone
Head Coach John Molyneaux ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|hcaocdaeh#ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|hcaocdaeh M - 07581 222005 T - 02393 118112
Assistant Coach Stewart Crowe moc.loa|csnfhcaoc#moc.loa|csnfhcaoc M - 07471 912563 T - 01329 280664
Learn to Swim Co-ordinator Janet Molyneaux ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|miws2nrael#ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|miws2nrael
Small Pool Lead Teacher ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|miws2nrael#ku.oc.sdamonmaheraf|miws2nrael
Teacher/Coach Helen Andrews
Teacher/Coach Daniel Alberts
Teacher/Coach Roz Jewell
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