Fareham Nomads have an active biathlon group within the club with our members competing and often winning at national events.

What is a biathlon?

A biathlon consists of two events usually a run and a swim. Competitors run between 1000m and 3000m and swim distances ranging from 50m to 200m depending on age. The times for each event are converted into points and the total points scored determine the places. Prizes are normally awarded for best swim, best run and then overall placing in a range of age groups. Prizes are often given for best teams as well where a team consists of three competitors from the same club. Biathlons are usually held over one day with the run held in the morning and the swim in the afternoon.

How do I take part?

While there is a competitive element biathlons are good fun, family events. If you are keen to take part then the Fareham Nomads Biathlon is a great introduction. Held in a pleasant setting, normally in early June with a barbeque why not come along and try out a different sport that complements your swimming skills. The event is attended by competitors from swimming and athletic clubs from around the South of England. Details and entry forms will be posted on this website and the MPAGB competition calendar as the date draws closer. Keep an eye on the noticeboards for information on events run by other clubs to which we often send a team.

Our 2012 Biathlon details

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