ASA Swimming Awards

What are they ?

These awards, developed in conjunction with the British Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (BSCTA), can be achieved in competition or organised time trials held at the club.

Highly respected, the awards give coaches, clubs, county, regional and national organisations an indication of a pupil's ability, competence and potential. The performance awards help young swimmers to focus on their strokes, turns and finishes, as well as speed.

Times are graded at 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with a separate award for each stroke. Achieving an ASA Gold Standard should mean young swimmers have a good chance to swim in competition at county level.

Please note: In line with ASA recommendations the club encourage all swimmers to acquire good skills in strokes, turns and finishes before they are asked to swim quickly. Achievement of the Swimming Stroke Awards is encouraged to confirm this level of competence.

There are 3 types of award which relate to the length of the swim:

1. Sprint: Distances up to 100m. for all strokes including Individual Medley (IM)
2. Middle Distance: 200m. for all strokes including IM and 400m front crawl
3. Distance: 400m IM and 800m and 1500m front crawl

Once the swimmer achieves a time at that level for any stroke, they can claim the round badge which relates to the distance (i.e. Sprint, Middle, Distance) and the relevant stroke flash and then collect further flashes as times are achieved for each stroke at that distance. You can end up with your T-shirt covered in badges if you complete all of the awards.

Badges you can get in all five strokes.

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