Could we remind all members that there are rules that we should be following for our use of West Hill Park School pool.

1. All parents and swimmers using WHP School may only enter the School via the Common Lane entrance and NOT the St Margarets Lane entrance. This is a policy of the School and applies to ALL members, including those that attend WHP School.

2. Please do not wear outdoor shoes on pool side. Either bring a pair of pool shoes to wear or cover your outdoor shoes with the blue plastic over shoes provided in the changing rooms.

3. Food and drink should not be left on pool side or in the changing rooms. Recently a half eaten pack of peanuts were left on pool side and there is a pupil at the school who has a violent and potentially fatal allergy to peanuts.

4. Neither swimmers or parents should enter the pool area unless there is a coach present.

We do not want to jeopardise our continued use of this facility as its loss would seriously affect the future survival of the club. We are sure that if the above simple rules have not been followed it is probably down to a lack of understanding so please ensure that in future they are.

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