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Nomads Winter Open Meet 2014

Photographs here

It’s hard to believe that it was just a week ago that we held our first winter open meet. Based on the format we used for our last summer meet we had enormous interest from local clubs. As it is held so early in the year it is the ideal opportunity for swimmers to achieve fast enough times to enter the County Championships in March. Because of the amount of interest it unfortunately meant a number of our younger swimmers were unable to enter as their entry times were not fast enough.

For those Nomads swimmers who did qualify however, they did not disappoint, achieving many personal best times and medals. Medals were awarded for the first three places in each event and each age group. In total our swimmers finished with a staggering 45 gold, 29 silver, and 30 bronze medals. Winning medals is not the only measure of success in competitions, swimming faster than you have ever done before is also a great achievement. In this area Nomads swimmers excelled by gaining an enormous total of 220 personal best times. Special mention should go to Ellie Sproul and Kaedan Stander each of whom attained 8 personal bests.

Well done to all our swimmers and a special thanks to all the parents who helped out in every area, without their help we would not have had the very successful event it turned out to be. Let’s look forward now to our summer open meet in June.

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