Summer Championships 2015

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There is now a “Summer Championships” option in the Period drop down on the ASA rankings link below for tracking qualifying window performances:

Please bear in mind that any search results should only be taken as a guide, as:

• When qualifiers are identified at the close of the period, swimmers who are known to be attending an international meets with clashing dates will be excluded (eg EYOF swimmers will not be able to attend the British Summer Champs);

• Individuals Home Nation choice will lead to some changes in which list swimmers are positioned at the point that Home Nation qualifiers are identified

• The information will change weekly, so there should be no assumptions made that something seen in the rankings is evidence that the individual will qualify for a summer competition

Additionally, please note that any swimmer who wishes to be ranked by their Country of International Representation for Home Nation meets, rather than the default of being ranked on the basis of Country or ranked club they need to email gro.gnimmiws|eciohCteeMNH#gro.gnimmiws|eciohCteeMNH in line with the process in the article in the link below.

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